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The company is located in Tvardita town – the south of the Republic of Moldova


Frequently asked questions

Why it is worth choosing the liquid soap from the "Natural Product" company?
The composition of the liquid soap contains exclusively natural ingredients, and the raw materials are authorized by the European Commission and approved for production in the Republic of Moldova and on the territory of the European Union.

The ECCO® Liquid Soap from the “Natural Product” company is free of toxic, allergic and irritating effects. The soap has a unique balanced composition and is made from high-quality natural raw materials. The liquid soap is suitable for the whole family and has excellent cleaning properties. It tones up and does not dry the skin. The soap with natural ingredients makes the skin of the hands smooth and velvety, and the effect of emollients is aimed at restoring and maintaining the protective functions of the skin.

The liquid soap is used for hand skin care and is suitable for everyday use and removal of different impurities.

What types of soaps does "Natural Product" produce?
The liquid soap of the “Natural Product” company is available in three versions:

One of the formulas of liquid soap contains substances that have disinfecting properties. This type of soap promotes the speedy healing of wounds and other skin injuries, in particular, after using a low-quality disinfectant. The composition includes benzalkonium chloride, specially selected for this soap, which has properties of disinfecting hands.

The next type of soap is hypoallergenic, which is recommended for people with diabetes mellitus, with various skin problems. It contains only natural ingredients that do not irritate the skin and is effective in skin healing, prevention, softening and further healing. This product was developed by scientists from European research institutes.

The third type of liquid soap is dermatological, which contains zinc. Zinc has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps maintain healthy skin and protects against unwanted environmental influences. In addition, this substance normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands, helps in cleansing pores, and restores elasticity and beautiful appearance of the skin. This liquid soap accelerates the skin regeneration processes, promotes more intensive collagen production, makes the skin elastic and smooth.

What is special in the "Natural Product" shampoo?

The ECCO® Hair Shampoo is designed for all hair types and is suitable for everyday use. It returns natural shine to curls, and adds volume. The shampoo repairs damaged hair by strengthening strands from roots to ends. The unique formula of the shampoo makes hair soft, elastic, smooth and shining.

The ECCO® Hair Shampoo is recommended for people suffering from skin and allergic diseases and is effective for hair restoration after viral and bacterial infections.

What types of shampoo does "Natural Product" produce?

The “Natural Product” hair shampoos are available in two versions:

Transparent hair shampoos

A therapeutic, nourishing shampoo suitable for all hair types, as well as for coloured, damaged and dry hair. It effectively fights against hair loss, eliminates irritation and prevents dandruff. It restores natural strength and shine of damaged hair. After applying the shampoo, the hair is easy to comb and style.

The shampoos also contain Polyquaternium-7 conditioning supplement, which spreads well on the hair and makes it easier to comb and also makes it soft.

Creamy hair shampoos

In the shampoo formulation, the washing base differs from the previous one by an increased content of ethoxylated sodium lauryl sulfate. The creamy appearance of the shampoo is due to the presence of the Enapearl Classic opacifier in the formulation, which is a mixture of glycol distearate, diethanolamide of fatty acids, coconut oil and ethoxylated lauryl alcohol.

The moisturizing universal shampoo gives a brilliant shine, supports complex hair restoration and effectively cleanses hair along its entire length without weighing it down. It is suitable for all hair types. The shampoo is intended for weakened, brittle and damaged hair, is rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for delicate and gentle protection of hair fibres and scalp.

What is special in the "Natural Product" shower gels?

The ECCO® Shower Gel gently cleanses and soothes the skin without disturbing its natural balance. Making the skin soft, delicate and velvety, it effectively prevents aging and fading. It stimulates cell regeneration, providing a tonic and protective effect. The formula of this product maintains an optimal level of skin hydration and nourishes its upper layers with natural ingredients. The thick foam, gently caring, restores your skin, gives the feeling of cleanliness and care, emphasizing its natural beauty. The shower gel is suitable for everyday use.

The ECCO® Shower Gel has antibacterial properties and is recommended for people with skin and allergic diseases.

What types of gel does "Natural Product" produce?

The shower gels from the “Natural Product” company are available in two versions:

Transparent shower gel

The main washing component of this type is a combination of a primary anionic surfactant, an effective cleansing and foaming component with amphoteric and nonionic surfactants, providing softness, structuring and stabilization of foam, has good thickening properties.

Moisturizing and nourishing shower gel with betaine and glycerin. It forms delicate foam, washes off easily, without slipperiness and feeling of film. Having a physiological ph level, the product does not irritate the skin. The dye-free gel has a pleasant, non-intrusive aroma, is hypoallergenic and does not dry out the skin at all.

Shower cream gel

In the formulation of the shower gel, the washing base differs from the previous one by an increased content of anionic, amphoteric and nonionic surfactants. The creamy appearance of the shower gel is due to the presence of the Enapearl Classic opacifier in the formulations.

Creamy consistencies are ideal for dry skin in need of additional care. This gel has a mild effect on the skin and, of course, an excellent perfume composition. The gel is completely washable and is suitable for sensitive skin.

What perfume composition is used in the ECCO® cosmetic products?

Most people choose cosmetics, first of all, paying attention to the scent, so the creation of a scent bouquet plays a very important role.

The perfume composition used in the ECCO® cosmetic products by ‘Natural Product’ SRL is represented by the following aromas:

1. Berry and fruit flavours:

— strawberry;

— grape;

— coconut flakes.

2. Aromas of freshly cut herbs:

— burdock;

— freshly cut grass;

— freshness of herbal notes.

It is a successful combination of herbaceous aromas that create a delicate and refreshing scent. These products are a mixture of natural essential oils and a number of synthetic materials for use in cosmetology.

3. Flower scents:

— lavender — a wonderful scent of lavender. Delicate floral, incredibly feminine and sophisticated perfume.

— lavender and orchid — a successful combination to create a rich sweet scent.

4. Natural vegetable oils:

— grapefruit oil;

— ylang-ylang;

— cinnamon.

All perfumery compositions and oils used in the ECCO© products of the company ‘Natural Product’ SRL are natural and do not contain allergens, toxins and carcinogens.


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