Moisturizing face cream ECCO with Lipomoist

The moisturizing face cream ECCO© with LipomoistТМ is a professional and effective remedy for dry and sensitive skin prone to flaking.

Action of LipomoistТМ:

  • Increases collagen levels by 20% during 10 days.
  • Significantly stimulates the formation of cellular proteins based on keratinocytes, their total amount increases three times.
  • Instantly softens irritated, dry or rough skin.

The moisturizing face cream ECCO with LipomoistТМ increases the level of collagen in the skin, rejuvenates, enhances elasticity, maintains the desired level of skin hydration, thereby improving its elasticity.

LipomoistТМ forms a moisturizing protective molecular film on the skin, stimulates the formation of plant cellular proteins and amino acids.

The unique composition based on natural ingredients allows moisturizing the skin as much as possible without clogging pores and prevents all kinds of allergic manifestations and redness. At the same time, the skin breathes freely and feels fresh. The general structure of the mixture is airy, pleasant to the touch and has a light aroma.

The moisturizing face cream ECCO© with LipomoistТМ:

  •  great for chin, neck, décolleté and hands;
  •  has a tightening effect;
  •  smoothes wrinkles;
  •  evens out the skin;
  •  has a moisturizing effect;
  •  increases skin elasticity.

The cream is applied to the skin with light movements in a thin layer. The skin is covered with an invisible membrane film, forming a single layer of molecules and minimizing water loss. After application, a refreshing effect is felt.

It is suitable for all skin types, even irritated skin, does not cause an allergic reaction and free of carcinogens.


Use for daily care


Suitable for people of all ages


Recommended for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin

Why it is worth choosing the creams from the “Natural Product” company?

The ECCO® creams from the ‘NATURAL PRODUCT’ company have been developed in a laboratory of the European Union. We are confident in the quality and effectiveness of our cosmetics, as well as the quality and effectiveness of the active ingredients that we choose.

All perfume compositions and oils used in ECCO® products of the ‘Natural Product’ company are natural and free of allergens, toxins and carcinogens.


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